Who are we?

In every urban, landscape or architectural project, OMG-designers not only seeks the added spatial value but also the societal value. This commitment filters through our research, design, and construction work. The design company sustains the human scale of its projects through the principle of cooperative collaboration. Collectivity – in both substantive and process-oriented terms – is a key concept for OMG-designers. Teams that have been carefully composed for each project create a network of strategic alliances, both internally and from external parties, through which disciplines and areas of activity are drawn together according to the specific requirements.

Since 1973, not only the projects but also the horizontal structure of OMG-designers has been based on dialogue, cooperation and cross-pollination. Over 50 experienced and dedicated geographers, spatial planners, mobility experts, landscape architects, urban planners, engineers, architects, environmental experts, and just as many personalities make up our three fields of activity: LANDSCAPE, ARCHITECTURE and URBANISM.
In the city, in the suburbs or far beyond, the independent and multidisciplinary OMG-designers company tackles complex spatial issues and challenges on a wide array of scales from its offices in Antwerp and Ghent. This approach allows us to immediately assess design interventions at a larger scale in respect of their possible consequences at a lower level, and vice versa.